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Poorstar Speed Beanie
  • Poorstar Speed Beanie


    Poorstar SPEED Beanie

    Softgood headwear: this patent pending design ( yeah right haha ) were way to poor for that $H/T. However that kind of "figure it out" ideaolgy, is what brought us Poorstar SPEED Beanie technology. Full cut and sew button style slots on each side of the beanie, that your riding eyewear arms can slide through or into. This modification keeps the air from getting under the beanie futher securing it to your dome. Traditionally you would either slide your eyewear under the beanie effectively turning your headwear into a parchute, or over the outside of the beanie both stretching the frames and unsecuring your glasses when you look over or back to changes lanes risking a pair of your favorite riding glasses. By sliding the arm tips of your eyewear into the speed slots, it reduces the chances of losing your Poorstar glasses or Poorstar your beanie. 


    100% arcylic to retain shape and tightness

    Shallow retro cut to better cut the head wind

    Cuffed to cusion bug and insect impact haha

    OSFA ( one sizes fits all )

    SKU: 692193704492
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